Once I knew a boy

Antonia Vai

Once I knew a boy who only made love inside his mind
We had nothing but dreams
That’s all we did
Drowned them in red wine

I woke up next to him one morning and found
a plant growing out of his head
Green leaves on hundreds of twigs
He never saw it with his own eyes
But he felt it, he said

I watered every bud that opened up
flowers in his hair
He heard lions and tigers roaring at night
I fed them with care

And the leaves that got to weak
They scratched his thoughts, he said
So I picked the old ones
Took care of
The yellow, the brown
The dried and the dead

And I think he fell in love with me at times
And I think he fell in love with me at times
He blossomed with me

Once I loved a boy
who only kept me so I could keep him
Did what felt eternal, kept him flowering
So I’ld be let in

I woke up next to him one morning
In a bed of dried out leaves
Damaged sprigs and his withered eyes
Staring beyond me without belief

So I carried his body to my kitchen
Buried him in my flowerpot
Maybe one day something will grow out of there
Maybe not

But I trust in whatever may come
Oh, I trust, as if I’ve never seen
What time can do to a man
What time can do to a mans dream

Oh, this is not the last time I’ll fall in love
It’s not the last regret I’m taking care of

So blossom for me
előadó: Antonia Vai
album címe: keressük!
megjelenés: 2012
hossz: keressük!
kiadó: keressük!
ISWC kód: keressük!
zeneszerző: Antonia Vai

szövegíró: Antonia Vai

stílus: keressük!
címkék: keressük!
napi megtekintések: 1
megtekintések száma: 221
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