Fly (So High)


Okay, you say that you want to taste
A total life-threatening mindfuck waste
There's gonna be a party at this weekend
At my place with booze and three band

All you have to do is follow
All of my instruction that will
Generate you a disfunction and still
Validate all the destruction and we'll

So high
Till you die
But don't ask why

From all around the world, people come, no doubt
People of the North and folks of the South
Some guy from the East, some girl from the West
Our sounds gonna rise like an atomic blast

We have infinite time, and no bad weather
We got weed, beer, wine and a fine place to gather
This night's gonna be the best freak out ever
Let's move to a crowd and face it together

You can see the instructions
That lead you to self-destruction
Here are the details you have to know
It's a molotov-cocktail: blow and throw

So high
Till you die
But don't ask why


Come on now, people, I must see your hand
Because this is the party that will never end

Everything's fine, we're gonna go wild
We're gonna do this till we survive
This is our band, our favourite five
Do the circle pit, do the stage dive

The place is wide, but the crowd is tight
You're gonna lose here if you don't have a guide
Everyone's alive
Now we have arrived

I lied, the party is over
My head is aching, I got a hangover
I need some power, I take a shower
The house is destroyed like Pearl Harbour

People are naked, a couple is kissing
I try to count how many beer is missing
Not much later I got a text
"That was dope, will we throw the next?"
előadó: Rönk
album címe: Még egy méter
megjelenés: 2017
hossz: 3:14
kiadó: keressük!
zeneszerző: Kovács Krisztián (KicsiKrisz)
Papp Zsigmond (Yiga)
Salamon Gábor (KisG)
Schnell Róbert (Robi)

szövegíró: Papp Zsigmond (Yiga)

stílus: Falusi Punk
címkék: keressük!
napi megtekintések: 1
megtekintések száma: 474
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