Who cares about us the mental boarders
Still keep dividin' us
General blindness!
Human is eyeless!
Now I know,who made this way for you
Pray for you,stare for you,died for you
But you can't see because of your eyes!
So tell me how could I proceed?
And teaching you to realize!?!

Now i know who made this way for you!
I know who made this way(2*)

Answear;let the cancer rise!
You'll die before you realize
Speakin' about the dark side of da
Life than,i'll be glad
To fight against the POWER OF DA SPEECH,
There's no use,got a lesson to teach;
-Mich! Save my life through my mouth!
There's no area has left for the south
My eyes will learn to recognise!

Try to be your self,leave all behind
This hypocritical life!
Leave it all before you'll be
Down on your knees,confused and blind
So take a look at your world before
Tearing out a value for your...
Tearing out a value from it for your
Sick,frustrated soul

What I'm like? (x3)

Die for me,brake your soul
Pac with the devil with effect no more
I'm like a clown who belives no more
So insecure! (x3)
No one's like you!

I'm fed up so got up to see this,
Thank's I don't want more!
If life not meens to much to ya,
Leave this!
Shall I give you a lift,boy?!
Yo stupid fuck!
Tudod mi az a MOODLYRIX

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