Harcsa Veronika

I took the scissors
and cut holes in my favourite top
hoping that something would happen

I felt the steel on my skin
but it was no blood
what a useless, a useless weapon.

I stepped on the tram for one stop
to that night's club,
where the gig was about to begin.

I'm on stage
people staring at my wicked weary top
they didn't know what I was missing.

you, you, you, you...

the clapping and screaming is over
I'm home alone
but it's still in my head, so alive

I try not to wait for a sign from you
I switch off the phone
but I hear a taxi arrive
and there is

you, you, you, you...
előadó: Harcsa Veronika
album címe: Red Baggage
megjelenés: 2008
hossz: 3:16
kiadó: Hangvető Kft.
zeneszerző: Harcsa Veronika
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szövegíró: Harcsa Veronika

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címkék: keressük!
napi megtekintések: 1
megtekintések száma: 7532
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