Kiss of the Spider Woman

Malek Andrea

Sooner or later you’re certain to meet
in a bedrom, the parlor or even the street
there’s no place on earth you’re likely to miss
her kiss

Sooner or later in sunlight or gloom
when the red candles flicker she’ll walk in the room
and the curtain will shake
and the fire will hiss.
here comes her kiss.

And the moon grows dimmer
and the tide’s low ebb
and her black beas shimmer
and you’re aching to move, but you caught in tne webb
of the spider woman
in her velvet cape.
you can run,
but you cannot escape.

Sooner or later your love will arrive
and he touches your heart .
you’re alert and alive
and there’s only one pin what can puncture such bliss
her kiss.

Sooner or later you bathe in success
and your minions salute.
they say nothing but „yes”.
but your power is empty it’s fades like the mist
once you’ve been kissed.

And the moos grows dimmer
and the tide ’s low ebb
and you breath comes faster
and your aching to move , but you caught in the webb
of the spider woman
in her celvet cape.
you can run
you can scream, you can hide
but you cannot escape.
előadó: Malek Andrea
album címe: keressük!
megjelenés: keressük!
hossz: keressük!
kiadó: keressük!
ISWC kód: keressük!
zeneszerző: Fred Ebb
Kander John

szövegíró: Fred Ebb
Kander John

stílus: keressük!
címkék: keressük!
napi megtekintések: 1
megtekintések száma: 2436
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