Bacardi Cola

Irie Maffia

8. Bacardi cola feat. Kemon

Kemon: Under me fat ting me under me fat ting 4x
Don’t stand like a manekin, move your body again,
gal from you know you body hot shake you booty then,
every man fightin over you jus like a hooligan,
you make the MC shout HAWL AND PULL IT DEN!
Dancing time again, dip and come up again,
you ready for the dagge just whine pon you boyfrien,
tik tok tikka tikka tok my golden hen,
under me fat ting me under me fat ting
under me fat ting me under me..

Sena: my swea tastes like bacardi cola
all them boys want lick me over
my voice too nice to use vocoder,
so gwan little oy go suck ya momma
suck ya momma, suck ya momma

Kemon: Kemon the name don’t forget the game,
you may know a lot of guys but i’m not the same
get straight to your brain like you on propane,
you would never complain when i drop it like the rain
SO HIGH like a plane int he sky make you fly,
this thing that i have you could never deny.
don’t try to lie cuz you know tha case,
so keep you body moving and just whine you waist..


Kemon: so if you know you felel it..
sshake up your booty let me see you gal,
put both hand up against the wall,
then bump bump bump like a basketball
so move it let me see it
show it off like you walking througt the shopping mall,
if you need ome help judt give me a call,
yes, yes, yo! Just give it your call,
yes, yes, yo! Jut gimme a call.

előadó: Irie Maffia
album címe: What's My Name
megjelenés: keressük!
hossz: 0:00
kiadó: Shiftin Gears Records
zeneszerző: Dermot
Horváth Gáspár

szövegíró: Dagadu Veronika
Thomas Kemon Wesley

stílus: keressük!
címkék: keressük!
napi megtekintések: 1
megtekintések száma: 18169
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