Stay Strong


I feel the nights are getting longer

I see the turning of the wheel

I have the urge, it’s getting stronger

Follow the sun, this must be real

I hear the voices from the darkness

They’re calling so loud

Predators out there for a kill

They scream and you shout

Countdown is ticking down

And so does my time

The reaper’s job gives me the thrill

It’s time to arrive

I feel so alive

Get away, stay away

Stay strong tonight

It must be a lie

Just give me a sign

On the way, will you stay

Stay strong tonight

I have the answers for all questions

I have the right one by my side

It’s me again, I can’t be wrong now

My hunger’s rising high tonight

I still hear voices from the darkness…
előadó: Demonlord
album címe: Only The Dead Are Safe
megjelenés: keressük!
hossz: 3:52
kiadó: Hammer
zeneszerző: Nagy András

szövegíró: Jurásek Balázs

stílus: Power Metal
címkék: keressük!
napi megtekintések: 1
megtekintések száma: 2651
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