The Longest Journey (Part I.)



I was on my journey at a cold winter night
Deep in the valley I saw the light
Strength of heroes I felt in my heart
The tavern to the sword was so bright


It was the place where we got together
And became blood brothers forever
The songs of Odin was heard from the sky
We were screaming: ‘Daemons will die!’

Thousands of the glorious warriors waited for the greatest battle
The land was shaking under their boots when they marched together


The stars were disappeared from the northern sky
When dragons of victory flew up so high
From our village we heard the cry
Hence we knew that daemons must die


When the first ray broke through the clouds
We knew that there was no way out
In front of the enemy we whip out our swords
We stabbed them with our blades which were so cold

Thousands of the glorious warriors brought death to hordes of hell
And we watched their broken bodies powerlessly fell


I thought of the battle which was holy
And I looked at the battlefield only
Where my brothers lay dead
My tears spilled out and I watched the sunset

előadó: Ankh
album címe: Tükörterem
megjelenés: keressük!
hossz: 5:36
kiadó: szerzői kiadás
zeneszerző: Csanády Dániel

szövegíró: Csanády Dániel

stílus: progressive melodic death metal
címkék: keressük!
napi megtekintések: 1
megtekintések száma: 1425
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