Where nightmares and dreams unite

Bridge to Solace

Today is the day
when I have given up
Looking for any reasons
On how my brightest heaven
Turned into my darkest hell
How can poison be this sweet
How can I be left thirsting for
More and more joyful pain
Or did I just say painful joy?
Am I the only one left
To chainsmoke my hunger away?
To drink my thoughts away
To be left with nothing but all those
dontcares and dontknows
That secure our egos deep inside
And we build our walls high
Up from the ground

And this voice is ringing loud
In the back of my head
Let go Let go Let go!

Never care for what has been done
But strive for what is to come
This is where nightmares and dreams unite
This is where nightmares poison our dreams
And there's no happy endings
But the painful joys, and the joyful pains.

Unloved loves - Unsaid words - Undone actions

The things we've always wanted
The beliefs for which we'd kill.
The flames that ever burned
The dreams we're wanting still
Where have they gone,
Where's our home
In this world that's destined
To burn - To burn - To burn

Nightmares and dreams unite

And I might have given up on reasons
But let this song remain as a middle finger
Of a clenched fist
And the voice of a youth gone wild
Will ring in the back of my head
This is where nightmares and dreams unite
And we are the ones to fight this fight
With no possible end in sight
But the salvation of souls that scream
Where's our dream, Where's our home
But the salvation of souls that won't scream
Let go Let go Let go!
We are the ones to wage this fight
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