Bleeding Moon

Age of Nemesis

I can't find you, still I call you
Maybe it's simply too late
My intuition slowly strangles...
I can always see your face as
You described the dream that
I once whispered to you
While you were away in dreamland...

ANGEL: "Don't feel sorry now, just move on
However long your plight remains
He's calling from the swamp of sorrow
He's amongst us here now
Look how bright the light just became
Don't let your bitterness win
N' drag you down with dejection again

An easier, simpler path
But you'll be plagued by the dismal past
If you now let yourself be victimized
You're so sure there's nothing more
Look, the sky holds all the help you'll ever need
To shield your soul forever..."

He's not amongst us now, they say
He's gone, his soul is faraway
Tell me just where were you
When I really needed you?
I can't hear the noises that surround
Or see all the light that so astounds
I'm slowly sinking down
And soon I'll surely drown

A bleeding moon in my soul
Shines on streams of tears
Sorrow lingers on both shores
Staring right at me
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zeneszerző: Fábián Zoltán

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