Castles Of Reality


A magical, timeless universe.
In its lap we could not be hurt.
We built castles in the trees.
Time stood still.
The battlefields burned in the melting sun.
We fought each other with wooden guns.
Proud to play the grown man’s game.
We were all invincible.
No one ever died.
We walked into reality
with our arms open wide.

We made our step through the open door.
Grew up fast in the twilight zone.
New built castle in the sky.
Time went by.
Cigarettes, drinks and sleazy bars.
So called love in borrowed cars.
We kept playing the grown man’s game.
And we were invincible
with the future on our side.
We walked into reality
with our arms open wide.

Times gone by.
Now we’re so much older. So much wiser.
But the innocence is washed away.
We keep our dreams and fantasies
with chains around them.

We’ve lost much more than we can find.
Our hopes are scattering on the ground.
Ruined castles in the sand.
Who’s to blame?
The battlefields burn in the melting sun.
In everyday fights, life goes on.
Still we play the grown man’s game.
Once we were invincible,
but the magic’s gone somehow.
In the mirror of reality
we don’t seem transcendent now.
előadó: Omega
album címe: Transcendent
megjelenés: keressük!
hossz: 7:04
kiadó: Hungaroton
ISWC kód: T0072019498
zeneszerző: Presser Gábor

szövegíró: Sztevanovity Dusán

stílus: keressük!
címkék: keressük!
napi megtekintések: 2
megtekintések száma: 2046
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