Skyscrape Journey

Ozone Mama

Woke up at the railway station down in this filthy ol' town
Surrounded with all those faces who had gathered around
I was on a journey trippin' through my mind
To a place no one knows and I just
Headed to a somewhere you'd never find

Stepped on the sideway then I slipped down on the ground
Covered my face with dirt and dust no one realized
Now I'm on a journey, 90 light miles I drive
No one hears the words I'm sayin'
Screamin', shoutin', howlin': I'm out of sight
I was headin' to a somewhere you'll never find

Keepin' up all engines burning out, out of time
Start the ride when the traffic light turns blue
I'm out in the skies, I'm on the clouds
Can't get me now (get down)

Headin' to a somewhere you'll never find
Headin' to a somewhere you'll never find
I'm on a journey and I vanish to somewhere you'll never find
előadó: Ozone Mama
album címe: keressük!
megjelenés: 2010
hossz: keressük!
kiadó: keressük!
zeneszerző: keressük!
szövegíró: keressük!
stílus: Rock n\' Roll, Hard Rock, Americana
címkék: keressük!
napi megtekintések: 1
megtekintések száma: 481
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