(I'm Up To) Leave

After Classes


I don't think I want to turn around
before I go inside
before I leave this time
The banner says "Take off your school-grow"
I don't think - I know
I feel it so close (so close)


I wanna feel! I wanna be!
Everytime please keep me close
Remember me - that's all I need
It will be the last kiss before I go

I hope, but this time I know
everything will go away
I can see my friends and I sware
this won't be the very last day


I told you so...


I would do everything I could
I know I would be able to
Why didn't I leave you cold?
I just wasted your time
Every missed hours I spent with someone new -
that's what I would never do
I should let everything ride
I'm sure I wasted the time


I could do anything you want
just tell me why is this way so long
Cuz I feel so sad, and I wanna go back home

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